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Mini Zapp

Nimblets - Mini Zapp

Mini Zapp is one of the most easygoing and friendly Horndribbles you are likely to meet. He loves to eat, play with his pals, and take long naps. Mini Zapp is widely considered one of the best tree-climbers on the island. He doesn’t do this for popularity or awards. He does it because trees are the best place to find his favorite food, the Oogha-Oogha nut. No food is off-limits to Mini Zapp, who will try anything once, more likely, twice!! After a meal, or even a small snack, Zapp embraces his second-favorite pastime: Napping! He can fall asleep anywhere at any time! Once in a deep slumber, his loud snore can be heard echoing throughout the Waka Forest. Favorite saying: “It’s nap time!”.

  • Item 24 48 96 192 Code
    89-021 10.00 9.80 9.56 9.27 (4C)


    Setup Charge: $50 (G)
      One Color / One Position
    Minimum Order Quantity: 24 pieces

    This item is a name drop only on the ribbon.
    Colors Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Raspberry, Red, White, Yellow
    Imprint Area 2-1/2" W x 1/4" H


  • Product Info
    Item Size: ItemSIze - Height 5-3/4" - 6-1/2"
    Material: All New Materials, Polyester Fibers, Surface Washable
    Max Sample Qty: 6
    Shipping Info
    Items Per Case12 pcs
    Case Weight11.00 lbs
    Box Dimensions22x18x13 in.
    Quantity:Ship-to Zip Code:

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